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Amadeus Chamber Orchestra was formed in 1975, by its first conductor Keith Swanwick, and quickly became established as the local chamber orchestra of St Albans. From that time on, Amadeus has delighted local audiences with its persistently high standard of performance. Players from the area, including many music teachers as well as talented amateurs, meet several times throughout the year, giving their services free in order to make music together. The orchestra varies in size from 25 to 50 players, depending on the repertoire being performed. The concerts have featured many of the major classical works for chamber orchestra from the 17th to the 20th centuries, as well as a wide range of concertos.

Over the years, Amadeus has played with many internationally known artists including Alexander Baillie (cello), Andrew Watkinson (violin), Sarah Williamson (clarinet), and David Pyatt (horn). As well as providing a platform for up-and-coming soloists from the music conservatoires, members of the orchestra have also featured as soloists. Over the years, the orchestra has performed with a number of local choral groups, including Carillon and the St Albans Chamber Choir.

Simon Thompson has been the orchestra’s musical director since 1988, and Jennifer Wigram its leader since 1996.

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